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Neither I, nor any President, can promise the total defeat of terror. We will never erase the evil that lies in the hearts of some human beings, nor stamp out every danger to our open society. What we can do – what we must do – is dismantle networks that pose a direct danger, and make it less likely for new groups to gain a foothold, all while maintaining the freedoms and ideals that we defend. To define that strategy, we must make decisions based not on fear, but hard-earned wisdom. And that begins with understanding the threat we face.
President Obama speaking about US counterterrorism policy, the use of drones and Guantanamo. Here’s the transcript.

"Is it only white males who can be mentally ill? Can’t we consider the possibility that these suspects might be mentally ill? I don’t want to stigmatize mentally ill people, but that that’s a possibility here - it just hasn’t been considered, and we have rushed to the conclusion that because of a particular ancestry, that they must be terrorists." - Ali Abunimah

"Muslims are the primary victims of Al Qaeda-inspired terrorism. If there was anyone - if there was any community with the incentive to end this problem, as much as it can, it would be the Muslim-American community." - Dalia Mogahed

"We don’t profile all white males. We don’t expect all 20-something white males to be apologetic and to denounce the actions of other white males. We allow them their individuality." - Ali Abunimah

Ali Abunimah is co-founder of the website Electronic Intifada, which publishes news and commentary on Middle East issues. He wrote a column on the site criticizing President Obama and others for calling the Boston bombing terrorism just because the suspects are Muslim. 

Dalia Mogahed is CEO of Mogahed Consulting and co-author of Who Speaks for Islam?

Both of them talked about the Boston bombings and being Muslim in America on today’s “To the Point.”