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[President Obama] won in the sense that he prevented people from doing something bad. It’s not like he gained anything or that the country gained anything…. So, if someone tried to mug you and you fend them off, I guess you could call that a win.
Mother Jones’ David Corn talking about the shutdown on today’s To the Point
Definitely time for a vacay.

Definitely time for a vacay.

The voting machine that would only allow an Obama voter to pick Romney. That and other Election Day irregularities.

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Romney’s getting a boost in the polls, and the Obama campaign responds with humor. New York Times’ Michael Shear talks about Big Bird and the new poll numbers. 

KCRW’s To The Point is tumbling all things politics as the final days to the Election tick away. Throughout the month we’ll be broadcasting the Presidential Debates live on 89.9.

During tonight’s first debate we’re excited to be hosting a live web chat in real time.

Read along as To The Point producers and special guests Rachel Hastings, W. Kamau Bell, Ted Johnson, Joshua Trevino, and Farai Chideya weigh in with their opinions in real time on our Live Chat.

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Rachel Hastings
Rachel Hastings is an LA-based irreverent comedian and writer. Maybe she can be on hand to help us identify the ZINGERS?!

W. Kamau Bell

W. Kamau Bell is a comedian, activist and star of his own show on FX, “Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell.” He also writes a weekly column for The Washington Post analyzing President Obama’s actions, words and thoughts leading up to the Nov. 6 presidential election.

Ted Johnson
Ted Johnson covers the intersection of politics and entertainment for Variety & his cool website, So this pretty much makes him a perfect guest for KCRW’s LIVE CHAT.

Joshua Trevino
Josh Trevino is a Writer-at-Large for Texas Monthly, he is also a Co-Founder of We’re excited for his insightful analysis of both candidates.


Farai Chideya

Journalist, political analyst and the author of four books, Farai also hosted a series called Pop and Politics during the midterms! 

To the Point producers Katie Cooper, Gary Scott and Caitlin Shamberg will also be weighing in to keep the conversation going. 

The KCRW live chat is being hosted on BRANCH. A new conversation platform that we are pretty geeked over. 

On today’s show, Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times veteran Hedrick Smith, whose latest book is “Who Stole the American Dream?” said the median household income in America today is $49,000.  And that’s counting two earners. “A lot of people that consider themselves middle class … think of middle class being somewhere around $70,000,” he said. “No, it’s much lower than that.”


In this week’s issue, Jane Mayer considers whether President Obama’s reluctance to cozy up to billionaires could cost him the election:


Mitt Romney called the latest jobs numbers released Friday “disturbing,” and said President Obama has failed to successfully reboot the economy after more than three years in office.

“These numbers understate what people are feeling and the amount of pain which is occurring in middle-class America,” Romney said.

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