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When they lived in Jerusalem, David Harris-Gershon’s wife, Jamie, was nearly killed by a Palestinian bomber. Others died. When the bomber was tried, neither Jamie nor David wanted to go to the courtroom. But after they’d moved back to the US and had two children, David was still haunted by the event. The result is a book called, “What Do You Buy the Children of the Terrorist Who Tried to Kill Your Wife?”

Today’s To the Point. As Iran Warms up to the West, is the West Warming Up to Iran?

A good backgrounder on Palestinian politics… can John Kerry really reinvigorate the peace process?

I cannot characterize Bibi Netanyahu as genuinely supporting a two-state solution, even if he has once or twice mouthed those words.
- Yossi Alpher

I do not ascribe to ‘The Sky is Falling’ —- what I call the ‘Cosmic Oy Vey’ —- theory of the US/Israeli relationship. The fact is, this relationship is too big, too important to fail.
- Aaron David Miller

More on the upcoming Israeli election on today’s To the Point.