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A war widow shares her story of losing her husband to the war in Iraq. “I felt unrelatable,” she says.

Warren Olney talks to Abdul-Razzaq Al-Saiedi, an Iraqi who left the country in 2007 after helping the New York Times cover the war. He visited his homeland as recently as 18 months ago. Asked whether his family and friends in Iraq blame the U.S. for the state of the country, he says it’s complicated.

Iraq war veteran Marcos Soltero remembers what it was like to land in Iraq during the war.

In 2003, Saddam Hussein was said to have “weapons of mass destruction.” There were hints he was tied to September 11th.

Eighty percent of Americans supported the US invasion. Ten years later, 58 percent say it was not worth years of unexpected combat, more than $2 trillion— and the deaths of 4500 Americans and more than 100,000 Iraqis.  

How are you reflecting on the war in Iraq?