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When California voters passed Proposition 8 by a narrow margin in 2010, it had the support of the state Republican party—including Meg Whitman, Republican nominee for Governor two years later.  But Whitman is among the GOP leaders now repudiating their party platform—and House Speaker John Boehner. To the Point host Warren Olney talks to the New York Times’ Sheryl Gay Stolberg about this change in attitude. 

That genius of semantics seems to have deserted the Right for now.
Sam Tanenhaus talks about divisions in the GOP on yesterday’s "To the Point."  

From Salon:  ”In understanding the polarization and paralysis that afflict national politics in the United States, it is a mistake to think in terms of left and right. The appropriate directions are North and South. To be specific, the long, drawn-out, agonizing identity crisis of white Southerners is having effects that reverberate throughout our federal union. The transmission mechanism is the Republican Party, an originally Northern party that has now replaced the Southern wing of the Democratic Party as the vehicle for the dwindling white Southern tribe.” More here. 

"The Republican Party has two comeback plans after the 2012 election, and they are total opposites: Plan A is to win presidential elections by appealing to broader audience that reflects America’s "changing demographics." Plan B is to just change the rules of presidential elections so that rural white voters get a disproportional vote."

Elspeth Reeve has more at The Atlantic.

On the bill to speak at tonight’s convention: Texas Senate candidate Ted Cruz, who is Latino, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who is of Indian descent, and Utah Congressional candidate Mia Love, who is black. It’s a far more mixed group than the mostly-white audience. The party’s “Future Majority Project” aims to double the number of Hispanic elected officials this year.

But LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, chair of the Democratic National Convention, and in town as the voice of the opposition party, says he’s not impressed with their efforts. “If I had an Anglo speaker, am I going to get the Anglo vote? Of course not. They’re going to want to know where you are on a broad panoply of issues. Why would Latinos be any different?”

Introducing GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Thursday will be Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who attended a fundraiser last night for the American Conservative Union, and addressed the crowd in both English and Spanish.

- Avishay Artsy, reporting from Tampa

Tropical Storm Isaac may not be headed for Tampa, but it has disrupted the Republican National Convention. To the Point's broadcast booth is in the convention center, a short walk from the Tampa Bay Times Forum, where the convention itself will be held.

To the Point is in Tampa this week, where Tropical Storm Isaac has forced the Republican National Convention to wait a day before getting down to business tomorrow. Yesterday, former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee addressed the Faith and Freedom Coalitionwith other religious conservatives. Today the Convention will be gaveled to order by Party Chairman Reince Priebus and then immediately recessed until tomorrow. The GOP faces some heavy political weather, with Ron Paul refusing to get on board and social issues clouding the focus on the economy. As the carefully choreographed TV show has now shrunk to just three days, convention planers are struggling to coordinate their messages. With polls still showing a virtual dead heat, this is the last major chance for the Republicans to get a leg up on President Obama before the televised debates. We hear from outside the arena and from inside the Convention Center. Can Mitt Romneyheal his party’s divisions? Is Paul Ryan making a difference? (In addition to our guests, we hear the voices of Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul, Chathryn Walters and others.)


Live from Tampa! Warren talks to the National Journal’s Major Garrett, and Saul Russo, Chief consultant for the Tea Party Express on today’s "To the Point."

Carla Marinucci, senior political writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, and Wayne Slater, senior political writer for the Dallas Morning News talk about Romney’s international trip, the media focusing too much on gaffes rather than substantive policy, Cheney criticizing the choice of Sarah Palin as vice presidential running mate… 

Mitt Romney in mid air!


Mitt Romney’s New Hampshire vacation continues (Photos by Charles Dharapak/AP)