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I think if there ever was a time to make a case to the American people that they will buy into, it’s now — people don’t want this national government healthcare; the president is increasingly unpopular and discredited — if House Republicans can’t make the case that we need to stop this law, I don’t know when they can make a case for anything.
Former Sen. Jim DeMint, president of the Heritage Foundation on today’s To the Point

Daily Beast’s Michael Tomasky on gun control.

How stupid does the Senate background-check vote look now, I ask the pundits and others who thought it was dumb politics for Obama and the Democrats to push for a vote that they obviously knew they were going to lose. I’d say not very stupid at all. The nosedive taken in the polls by a number of senators who voted against the bill, most of them in red states, makes public sentiment here crystal clear. And now, for the first time since arguably right after the Reagan assassination attempt—a damn long time, in other words—legislators in Washington are feeling political heat on guns that isn’t coming from the NRA. This bill will come back to the Senate, maybe before the August recess, and it already seems possible and maybe even likely to have 60 votes next time.