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"Women’s rights now depend on their ZIP code," according to Planned Parenthood, as more states pass restrictions and outright bans on abortion. Mississippi, Alabama, Kansas and North Dakota are closest to making abortion impossible – 40 years after Roe v. Wade declared it a constitutional right. Why do women want abortions?  What happens when they can’t get them?  What are the consequences when unwanted babies are born? Is the current movement about the politics of Red States, or a real effort to repeal Roe v. Wade?

Washington Post reporter Sarah Kliff writes:

For decades, support (or opposition) for gay marriage and abortion went hand in hand. They were the line-in-the-sand “values” issues that sharply divided the political parties.

Not anymore. ”As recently as 2004, we talked about abortion and same sex marriage in the same breath,” says Daniel Cox, research director at the Public Religion Research Institute. “They were the values issues. Now, it doesn’t make sense to lump them together anymore. We’ve seen a decoupling.”

Roe v. Wade: Still Fighting after All These Years 

When the Supreme Court legalized abortion 40 years ago today, it may have settled the law, but it started the most bitter of all the battles in America’s ongoing culture war. Roe v. Wade pitted a woman’s right to choose against the right of a fetus to live, an issue that divides America. Although controversy continues, that’s still the law of the land, so much so that a new generation takes it for granted. Polls show a majority still supports legal abortion, but in some states it’s harder and harder to get one. We look at that paradox and update the current strategies of both sides.


"I think the vast majority of Americans are united in the fact that if we want to see fewer abortions, we have to have better access to birth control and contraception…. If we’re talking about mainstream values, I think it’s really important to note that the Romney/Ryan ticket is pretty opposed to increasing American women’s access to birth control."
— Irin Carmon,

"Abortion is an issue that divides us. We need to look at what we agree on right now and we need to fix this country first."
— Ann Stone, Republicans for Choice

TO THE POINT explored whether abortion and the Supreme Court become campaign issues.

Here’s Rep. Todd Akin on Good Morning America, where he said, “The point of the matter is that, yes, pregnancy can happen as a result of rape.  I understand that and I’ve acknowledged that fact.  At the same time I don’t apologize for the fact that I’m consistently pro-life.  I believe in defending the unborn and I believe that based on those kinds of principles we can win this race.” We talk more about this on today’s “To the Point.”