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Look, Democrats are not joined at the hip. We all represent different states, different values, different economies, and we don’t march in lockstep. And they’re gonna fight for their position, I’m gonna fight for mine, and that’s fine. I just think it shows their independence. They’re terrific and we don’t agree on this issue but we agree on others. You can’t make politics the reason why you approve this pipeline because so many miseries follow this pipeline from the excavation to the transportation.
Senator Barbara Boxer on the Keystone XL pipeline. More on today’s To the Point. 


Nicholas Thompson on Meb Keflezighi’s Boston Marathon win:

“Before the race started, I thought that there could be no greater tribute to the city and to the country than a victory by Meb: an immigrant who came to America because of the opportunities and the safety it offered. He wasn’t born here; he and his family chose to come here.”

Photograph by Charles Krupa/AP.

"I think it’s the most serious, unaddressed issue that exists, including wars around the world and impasses in military and political affairs. Nothing equals what is now being done to girls and women with almost complete impunity. Most of the world doesn’t want to know about it.”

— Jimmy Carter talking to Warren on today’s To the Point


The 1,000 political donors who stand to benefit most from McCutcheon v. FEC

Now that the Supreme Court has struck down aggregate campaign contribution limits, it will empower the limited number of donors who have the heart, the stomach and the bankrolls to contribute hundreds of thousands of their own money to determine who is in office.

What do we know about these truly elite donors? 1) They’re extremely partisan givers; 2)They mostly support Republican candidates; and 3) 1/3 of them come from the financial sector.

These are the Big Money givers poised to gain even more influence in our elections - what else do we know? Read more about them on Sunlight’s blog.

Today’s To the Point looks at ageism in Silicon Valley.